Lloyds PDI 2014/15

The Partnership Drugs Initiative will have two opportunities to access funding in 2015, dates are:

Initial Stage Deadline – 14th November 2014
Full Stage Deadline – 6th February 2015
Decision – 2nd April 2015

Initial – 15th May 2015
Full Stage Deadline – 14th August 2015
Decision – 8th October 2015

The focus of the programme is to support children, young people and families affected by alcohol and other drugs.

All applications must identify 50% matched funding and must be supported and endorsed by your local Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP). It is highly recommended that you discuss any plans or thoughts on submitting an application to the PDI with your ADP Lead Officer as early as possible.

Support will be provided by PDI staff throughout the process and again early discussions are highly recommended prior to the submission of an initial application. To find out more about how to apply please click here.

If you would like to discuss a potential proposal or find out more about how you can apply for funding then please contact us on 0131 444 4025 or request an application pack.

Elaine Wilson
Partnership Drugs Initiative Programme Manager
Best wishes,
Elaine Wilson
Partnership Drugs Initiative Programme Manager

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