International Overdose Awareness day 31/08/2022

We can prevent drug deaths. We just need to know how.

Globally, around 150,000 people die due to drug overdose each year.


Scotland faces a national public health emergency with drug overdose deaths rising for each of the last seven years to new record highs. In 2020 1,339 people in Scotland died of a drugs overdose. These preventable deaths shame Scotland and represent a national tragedy. But we can all do something to help reduce the number of drug- related deaths.

Don’t walk by. Early intervention when someone overdoses can be crucial. Recognise the signs.

If someone is unresponsive and perhaps is pale or has blue lips, or there breathing may be shallow of they may make a noise like snoring; or they may have pinpoint pupils, you should suspect an overdose and dial 999 and follow the advice of the call handler.

For support with drug and or alcohol use in Moray, please contact Arrows – 01343 610500, 23 High Street, Elgin, IV30 1EE