Waiting Times

Who is information collected from?
ISD collects its data on drug use from Drug Treatment Agencies/Services and
General Practitioners. These services collect information about clients presenting themselves for assessment of their care/treatment needs in relation to drug use.

What sort of information is collected?
The information we collect includes:

  • Personal details (name, postcode of residence, date of birth, gender and
  • What type of substances have been used (both Prescription and Illicit drugs)
  • Injecting/sharing details
  • Current social circumstances (e.g. living arrangements, employment)
  • Dependent children
  • Contact with services (when, which services and type of referral)

What is the information used for?

This information is stored securely by ISD in the Scottish Drug Misuse Database (SDMD) and can be accessed only by authorised staff. Data can then be used to understand the ways people use drugs in Scotland.

The information we collect is used for:

  • Planning and managing drug treatment services
  • Developing and researching new treatment interventions
  • Improving the quality of available services.

Your information will help us to:

  • Assess how many people are entering into drug treatment services and the length of time they stay in treatment
  • Have a better understanding of what types of drugs are being used
  • Identify what interventions users are receiving
  • Monitor changes in people’s drug use and social situations whilst in contact with treatment services

How is the information processed and who else has access to it?
ISD holds personal information securely, and manages its use according to strict rules. Only trained staff with authorised access can see your personal health information.

ISD has a dedicated individual, known as the ‘Caldicott Guardian’, to check that
ISD handles personal health information properly. All our staff are legally and contractually obliged to respect confidentiality.

How are Moray Fairing?

Moray are currently sitting at 100% for waiting times data.  If you would like more information on waiting times then why not email us on morayadp@moray.gov.uk.