Circles Network : Independent Advocacy

Do you need help to speak up?

Would it help to have an independent person explain things to you or speak up for you?

Circles Advocacy helps people to:

  • Have a say about the services they receive
  • Understand their rights
  • Get the right information to help them make choices
  • Raise issues they are worried about
  • Safeguarding people in situations where they are vulnerable

Circles Advocacy in Moray supports people who are experiencing issues related to health and social care who are aged 18 years or over, whose circumstances may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Mental health issues
  • Learning disabilities
  • Personality disorders
  • Physical disabilities
  • Acquired brain injury
  • Dementia
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Chronic illness
  • Those who are unable to safeguard their own interests rights, care or other interests.

How we work with you

We will meet you to talk about how we can help. We will listen to the concerns you have and tell you if we can help. We will agree a plan of how we will help you. We can support you with one or more problems.

A Confidential Service

We will keep what you say confidential. Your Advocate will talk to you about our Confidentiality Policy.

We support isolated and excluded adults by:

  • Promoting informed choice and opportunities.
  • Challenging barriers to progress in modern Mental Health Care.
  • Advocating for people without judgement and according to their expressed need.
  • Acting in a safeguarding capacity or communication difficulties arise.


  • Tribunals
  • Meetings
  • Reviews
  • CPA’s
  • Legal proceedings

Do you need help speaking up?

Examples of how we can help:

  • We can help you find out more about your rights.
  • We can go to meetings with you and help you raise any issues that are worrying you.
  • We can help you raise issues if you are not happy with a service you are receiving.

Circles Advocacy acts according to Advocacy Principles and Standards.

What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is about:

  • Safeguarding people who are in situations where they may be vulnerable
  • Speaking up for, or standing alongside people who may not be heard – supporting them to express their views and make their own decisions.
  • Enabling people to make informed choices about, and remain in control of, their own social and health care.

This is a professional and independent advocacy service, providing issue based individual and collective advocacy support.



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