National Services

There are many services nationally available that give information and guidance on many issues. Do see how they can and help and how to contact them please click on the links below.


Information and advice for families of alcohol and drug users. The website has a list of local family support services.
Phone: 020 7928 889 Online:


For relatives and friends of problem drinkers. An organisation of self help groups which is free and confidential. Membership is open to anyone who feels their life is or has been affected by close contact with a problem drinker. For information or details of local groups call our confidential helpline.
Phone: 020 7403 0888 Online:

Alcohol And You!

Inspiring young people to think sensibly about alcohol, this fun web-site uses online games, video scenarios and interactive quizzes to the message across. There is also an extensive teachers section, which includes an extensive section for teachers with lesson plans, debates and role playing materials.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is an informal society of more than 2,000,000 recovering alcoholics worldwide; men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.
Meetings are held locally and throughout Scotland and the UK.
Information about these and the AA in general can be obtained by calling –
HELPLINE – 0845 769 7555
General Service Office in York – 01904 644026
Northern Service Office in Glasgow – 0141 226 2214

Alcohol Concern

Alcohol concern is the national agency on alcohol misuse. They work to reduce the incidence and costs of alcohol-related harm and to increase the range and quality of services available to people with alcohol-related problems. The also provide information and encourage debate on a wide range of public policy issues affected by alcohol use. They support specialist and non-specialist service providers helping to tackle alcohol problems at a local level, whilst also working to influence national alcohol policy.

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Alcohol Focus Scotland is Scotlands national alcohol charity. Their main aims are to promote a responsible attitude to drinking in Scotland and to reduce the effects of alcohol misuse on all those affected by their own or anothers drinking. Through a variety of public health and information campaigns, training and counselling services, AFS believe they can play a big part in making Scotland “think and drink”!

Alcohol Information Scotland

Alcohol Information Scotland site provides information, statistics and research relating specifically to alcohol misuse. Target users are policy makers, professionals, researchers, employers and the wider community.


This site has been developed by the Portman Group. It gives factual information oabout varied aspects of alcohol use, including calculating your units and the health effects of drinking.

Drink Smarter

This gives advise on responsible drinking, health and wellbeing, relationships and handy tools.


Down Your Drink

The Down Your Drink program has been designed to give people the information they need to make careful choices about the role alcohol plays in their life.


Drug Misuse Information Scotland

The Drug Misuse Information in Scotland web-site provides information, statisitcs and research relating to drug and alcohol misuse. The target users are policy makers, professionals, researchers, employers and the wider community. The Effective Interventions Unit was set up in June 2000 to identify and disseminate effective practice to support the implementation of the drug misuse strategy. The Unit is located within the Substance Misuse Division of the Health Department.


DrugScope is the UKs leading independent centre of expertise on drugs. The aim is to inform policy development and reduce drug-related risk. We provide quality drug information, promote effective responses to drug taking, undertake research at local, national and international levels, advise on policy-making, encourage informed debate and speak on behalf of member organisations working on the front line of substance misuse. DrugScope is supported by a variety of organisations including Government, EU, Trusts and Foundations.


This site gives information on drugs/alcohol and their effects, confidential contacts (text, email, telephone) amongst many more information and advice.


Police Scotland

The web-site for Police Scotland promotes the work of the police across Grampian. Their goal is to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the area through a problem solving approach to community policing and their aim is the pursuit of excellence in community policing.

Info Scotland

A web-site from the Scottish Executive giving information and advice about alcohol issues. Sections include culture, relationships, work, health and the law. There is also a “booze quiz” and a questionnaire. The site is visually attractive and easy to use.

International Council on Alcohol and Addictions

ICAA is dedicated to preventing and reducing the harmful use and effects of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and addictive behaviours on individuals, families and communities.

International Harm Reduction Association

A web-site for the International Harm Reduction Association, which works with local, national and international organisations to assist individuals and communities in public health advocacy, communication, best practice, education, training and research.

Know The Score

As Scotlands definitive drugs information gateway, this portal web-site provides visitors with the facts on drugs in Scotland. Whether they are a young person, a parent or relative, a friend, a carer or a community group. The web-site contains information for anyone who wants to know about drugs in Scotland and the harmful effects of drugs misuse. Know The Score is at the heart of a network of drugs-related services and organisations which provide information and advice on drug related issues in Scotland.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a completely voluntary organisation. Membership is open to anyone with a drug problem seeking help, regardless of what drug or combination of drugs have been used, and irrespective of age, sex, religion, race, creed or class. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using drugs.


Parentline Plus

The web-site for Parentline Plus which is part of the Family Lives charity based in England gives advice to parents worried about issues such as alcohol abuse in children and teenagers.


Re-Solv, the national charity solely dedicated to the prevention of solvent and volatile substance abuse (VSA).

Re-Solvs purpose is to end volatile substance abuse, particularly among children and young people. With over twenty years experience and dedication to the prevention of VSA, Re-Solv is acknowledged as the lead body in the field and recognised nationally and internationally as a specialist source of information on VSA.


Scotlands Health on the Web

This web-site is provided by a team of people based within the Information and Statistics Division of NHS Scotland. In addition to the SHOW team, the contributing web-sites on SHOW are provided by partner organisations themselves as well as a dedicated army of NHS Scotland staff.

Scottish Drugs Forum

Scottish Drugs Forum (SDF) is the national non-government drugs policy and information agency working in partnership with others to co-ordinate effective responses to drug use in Scotland. SDF aims to support and represent at both local and national levels, a wide range of interests, promoting collaborative, evidence-based responses to drug use.

Scottish Executive

The Scottish Executive site gives information about the activities and responsibilities of the Executive, including Substance Misuse Division.

Scottish Families Affected by Drugs

Scottish Families Affected by Drugs (SFAD) is a membership organisation which was established in 2003 when families and family support groups from across Scotland expressed their desire to become a united force to raise awareness of the difficulties families face when living with or supporting a substance misuser.

SFAD works on behalf of those families, raising awareness of the issues they face while providing them with information, advice and support.

Self Management & Recovery Training

Self Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is a self help approach based on cognitive-behavioural principals which can be helpful to people who are trying overcome substance misuse and addictive problems.

Women & Alcohol

This is part of the InfoScotland site which focuses on women and alcohol. It gives the facts about various aspects of this issue including breast cancer, weight gain and fertility. There is also a units calculator for alcohol intake.