Not sure how many units are in you favorite tipple?  Want to track how much alcohol your consuming over a given period?  Then why not try out some of these handy apps!

Unit Calculator

Not sure how many units are in your favorite tipple?  Then use this app to find out if your exceeding the guidelines.

Alcohol Unit Calculator

Alcohol Tracker

You can keep on top of how much alcohol you consume by downloading this alcohol tracker to your desk top or smart phone.

Alcohol Tracker – Desk Top App

Alcohol Tracker – Smart Phone App (certain model only)

Self Assessment

Concerned your drinking too much?  Use this app to see what your relationship with alcohol is.

Alcohol Self Assessment

Fact or Fiction

Find out if these statements on alcohol are fact or fiction.  You may even learn a thing or two.

Myth Buster

Drop a Glass Size

On a diet?  Wanting to lose a little bit of weight?  Then don’t just swap to a smaller plate, swap to a smaller glass.  Try this app out to see the benefits of swapping to a smaller glass can make.

Drop a Glass Size Challange

Wine Guess Challenge

Do you know how much units are in your wine glass?  If not then why not check this app out to find out more.

Wine Guess Challenge

Drinking Mirror App

Is alcohol ageing you? Deeper wrinkles, red cheeks and weight gain… some of the visible effects of regularly drinking too much are not a pretty sight.

Download the FREE Drinking Mirror Android App (iphone version coming soon) below and see how dropping a glass size could help you look fabulous.

Alternatively you can use our web/iPad version here

And if you’re feeling especially brave why not share your mirror reflections on Facebook!