Key Priorities

The current strategic direction taken by the MADP covered the key areas:

  • Prevention
  • Recovery
  • Law Enforcement
  • Children and Families/Family Support
  • Service Delivery

Although the key priorities took account of health and the local environment, the MADP have added these to align with the 7 high level outcomes set by the Scottish Government. Therefore the 7 key priority areas for the MADP over the course of the next three years will be:

  • Health

People are healthier and expereince fewer risks as a result of alcohol and drug use.

  • Prevalence

Fewer adults and children are drinking or using drugs at levels or patterns that are damaging to themselves or others.

  • Recovery

Individuals are improving their health, well-being and life chances by recovering from problematic drug and alcohol use.

  • Families

Children and family members of people misusing alcohol and drugs are safe, well supported and have improved life-chances.

  • Community Safety

Communities and individuals live their lives safe from alcophol and drug related offending and anti-social behaviour.

  • Local Environment

People live in positive, health-promoting local enviroments where alcohol and drugs are less readily available.

  • Service Delivery

Alcohol and drugs prevention, treatment and support services are high qaulity, continually improving, efficent, evidence-based and responsive, ensuring people move through treatment into sustained recovery.