Aims & Objectives

The Moray ADP have the following aims and objectives:


  • Provide leadership on strategic and planning issues that arise in the delivery and on-going review of the Moray Delivery Plan;
  • Provide direction at Chief Officer level across agencies on services ensuring that they are focussing on both local and national priorities and to make strategic and planning recommendations to the Healthier Strategic Group; and
  • Ensure that active strategic links are made with other planning structures, in particular, the Community Safety Partnership, the Northern Community Justice Authority, the Grampian-wide Alcohol and Drug/Public Health forum and the Committees and Boards of constituent bodies.


  • Ensure that all development is consistent with the strategic direction set out in the Moray Delivery Plan;
  • Undertake tasks delegated/remitted by the Healthier Strategic Group;
  • Provide guidance and direction to the sub-groups who will have specific delegated responsibility for supporting the delivery of the MADP strategic priorities;
  • Discuss and respond proactively to significant challenges or issues which have implications for the delivery of the Moray Delivery Plan; and
  • Develop operational links with the wider Community Planning Partnership and engage appropriately with key services and partnerships e.g. Housing, Employment, Criminal Justice Social Work, Education and Public Health.