Scottish Families Telehealth

Scottish Families Telehealth is a service for families affected by others’ alcohol and/or drugs misuse in rural or remote locations throughout Scotland. The Telehealth programme is supported by both the Drug and Alcohol Policy Units of the Scottish Government who see Telehealth as ‘an integral part of the Scottish Government 20:20 vision for health’.

What can the service provide?

Scottish Families Telehealth will initially provide advice and support via the telephone or skype to family members and individuals who are affected emotionally, financially, socially and possibly physically by someone else’s alcohol or drug misuse. (All family members to be 18 or over)

Family members who are motivated to engage, will complete an assessment and over 6 sessions have an opportunity to:

  • Explore and understand their situation and what they themselves can change.
  • Develop and implement coping skills and strategies to manage difficult situations and behaviours.
  • Increase their own personal choices and control over their own lives that have been affected by someone else’s behaviours.
  • Improve their relationships.
  • Improve social isolation and increase their network of support.
  • Improve general health and wellbeing.

The service will be further developed to include virtual family support via our website and utilise internet based communications.

Who can access the service?

The Scottish Families Telehealth service is aimed at family members in rural or remote locations. The Scottish Government defines the following council areas as rural (population density is below one person per hectare):

Aberdeenshire                         Orkney Islands
Angus                                          Perth & Kinross        
Argyll & Bute                           Scottish Borders 
Dumfries & Galloway          Shetland Islands
East Ayrshire                          South Ayrshire
 Highland                                  Stirling
Moray                                        Western Isles

Family members from other council areas may be considered remote due to little or no family support services being available, mobility issues, or where transport costs may be prohibitive and preclude them from attending a family support service.

How can family members be referred to the service?

Family members can access Scottish Families Telehealth by contacting our helpline on 08080 10 10 11 where a referral can be made.