Revised Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

UK Chief Medical Officers’ Revised Low Risk Drinking Guidelines published August 2016.

 For the first time, the same guidelines now apply across the whole of the UK. This harmonization sees the other UK nations also now advising that not drinking alcohol at all is the safest approach in pregnancy, which has been Scotland’s advice for a number of years.

 To keep health risks from alcohol to a low level, it is safest not to drink more than 14 units a week on a regular basis, for both men and women. You will note this is a significant change in the recommended maximum guideline for men, which was previously set at 21 units per week.

 The alcohol guidelines are based on a thorough review of the scientific evidence, in the most comprehensive look at all the evidence on alcohol in 20 years. The guidelines give people the latest and most up to date scientific information, so that they can make an informed decision about their drinking, taking account of the risks alcohol may pose to their health.

 Please click on the link to view the revised guidelines : UK CMOs’ Low Risk Drinking Guidelines