The Effect

  • Methyl-amphetamine can bring on a feeling ofexhilaration and produces increase arousal and activity levels
  • It also reduces tiredness and suppresses appetite
  • Other acute effects reported include agitation, paranoia, confusion and violence
  • Smoking the purer crystalline form (also known as ‘crystal meth’ or ‘ice’) produces very intense ‘rush’ similar to that produced by crack but longer-lasting – between 4 and 12 hours

The Risks

  • Methyl-amphetamine-induced psychosis has been widely reported
  • In cases of overdose, stroke, pulmonary, renal & gastrointestinal disorders are also seen, coma & death can occur
  • Methyl-amphetamine use can be associated with injecting drug use and sharing paraphernalia
  • Using the drug may also increase libido, leading to risky sexual behaviour and thereby can increase the risk of blood born virus transmission
  • A feeling that you are covered in bugs causing you to scratch your skin
  • Rots the gums and causes serious dental problems
  • It causes a rapid heart rate and a rise in blood pressure, the higher the dose the greater these effects on the heart

The Law

  • Methyl-amphetamine – is often referred to as Crystal Meth & was reclassified as a Class A drug on 18th January 2007.  It is illegal to have, give away or sell.  Possession of a Class A drug can get you up to seven years in jail and/or an unlimited fine.  Supplying someone else, even your friends, can get you life imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine

Street Names

  • Chrstine
  • Ice
  • Tina
  • Yaba
  • Glass
  • Craxy Medicine
  • Snot
  • Crystal Meth