The Effects

  • Ketamine can cause perceptual changes like LSD, in addition to its effects on reducing bodily sensation
  • Users can trip for up to an hour and may feel after-effect for some hours it can give the user an ‘out of body’experience
  • Some users say it feels like their mind and body have been separated
  • In some cases, users may be physically incapable of moving while under the influence
  • Whilst it has been been used in the veterinary world, i.e ‘horse tranquilliser’ it has also been used as an anesthetic in paediatrics

The Risks

  • May be physically incapable of moving while under the influence
  • As you don’t feel pain when on Ketamine, you can injury yourself badly & not know it
  • Very dangerous when mixed with Ecstasy or Amphetamines & can result in high blood pressure
  • Can cause panic attacks, depression & in large doses, can make existing mental health problems worse
  • High doses, with other depressant drugs like alcohol can be dangerously suppress breathing and heart function
  • If high enough dose is taken, the anesthetic effect can result in death e.g due to unconsciousness and inhalation of vomit

The Law

  • Ketamine is a Class C drug which means that it’s illegal to possess it and to supply it
  • Possession can get you up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine or both
  • Supplying can get you up to 14 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine or both

Street Names

  • Green
  • K
  • Special K
  • Super K
  • Vitamin K