The Effects

  • Small capful can have a euphoric effect that makes users feel happy, sensual and uninhibited
  • As more is takeon, it acts more like a sedativeor downer & makes people sleepy
  • Full Name – Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

The Risks

  • Too much & users feel dosorientated  sick
  • Muscles can go numb or start to spasm (which can cause slight twitches or pulses)
  • Use can be fatal when mixed with alcohol or other drugs
  • Users can lose consciouness, as it’s hard to know what strength the dose is
  • As GHB can really knock you out it’s been linked to drug assisted sexual assault.  being almost tasteless it’s easily slipped into a drink
  • Very difficult the detect as it passes through the system very quickly

The Law

  • GHB is a Class C drug – illegal to have, give away or sell
  • Possession can get you up to two years in jail and/or an unlimited fine
  • Supplying someone else, even friends, can get you up to 14 years in jail and/or an unlimited fine

Street Names

  • GHB
  • GBH
  • Liquid Ecstasy