Feeling Safe

It is always best to be safe than sorry.  Take some precautions when drinking.

Sexual Health

Drinking loosens your inhibitions, affects your judgement, and might result in you making decisions you regret. For example, it might make you vulnerable to taking risks like having unprotected sex. Plan ahead and carry a condom with you, it could decrease your risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease, or having an unwanted pregnancy. Find out more at www.sexualhealthscotland.co.uk

Date Rape

If we’re drunk and can’t look out for ourselves properly, we’re at risk of being taken advantage of sexually. Don’t accept drinks from strangers, stick to sensible drinking guidelines and watch your drink at all times. If you’re going out let people know where you are and who you are with. Make sure you take your mobile phone and have plenty of credit. If you’re out with mates look after each other and stick together.


70% of assaults at Scottish Emergency Departments were likely to have been alcohol-related.(2) Alcohol can make us more aggressive which is why fights often start after we’ve been drinking. It reduces our ability to think straight. You’re less likely to misinterpret someone’s behaviour or social cues if you haven’t been drinking. If you’re being provoked by someone who has been drinking, the best advice is to walk away.

House fires

When you’ve had a few drinks, it’s all too easy to leave the cooker on, or not stub out a cigarette properly. A recent report indicated that alcohol was a contributory factor in almost 3 in 10 fatal house fires in Scotland (3). For more fire safety tips go to http://www.dontgivefireahome.com/


Although it makes us feel warmer, alcohol lowers core body temperature. People who fall asleep outside after drinking alcohol are at risk of hypothermia and even death. Even if you’re still awake, if it’s a cold night and you’re not dressed for the weather, there’s still a risk of hypothermia.

Getting home safely

Finding a taxi can be difficult late at night, so you might want to book one in advance. And make sure you keep some money back so you can pay for it. If you’re walking, walk with someone you know and trust. If you have to walk alone, stick to well-lit and well-used routes and keep your mobile handy. Let someone know what you’re doing if you can and call them when you get home.

Information taking from www.drinksmarter.org